2020’s Food Trends – Ranked

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From banana bread to Dalgona coffee – here’s the best food trends that social media can come up with.

Alcoholic Seltzers – 9/10

Hard seltzers (White Claw in particular) rose to fame the summer of 2019 and haven’t gone away. They are insanely popular amongst college kids in the U.S.

Recently White Claw have officially launched in the UK so it looks like we’re in another alcoholic seltzer summer. 

9/10 – They’re refreshing and lightly fruit flavoured – the perfect summer drink. Plus the very aesthetically pleasing cans are great for photos. One point lost for always being sold out. 

Baking Bread at Home – 4.5/10

At the beginning of lockdown you were never quite sure what the supermarkets would have in stock. Crazy times. That and the boredom of isolating at home meant that everyone became bakers. Many loaves of bread were baked, many loaves of bread hardly qualified as bread, many were ‘enthusiastically crisp’. 

I’m giving this trend 4.5/10 because to be perfectly candid the amateur home baked bread was never that nice and was often way more of a faff to make than anticipated. 

Banana Bread – 10/10

Hardly a trend because banana bread is an age old classic but it’s on the list due to the banana bread baking phase of lockdown. I can’t find any faults in banana bread: its scrummy, easy to make, good way to pass the time, uses food waste. 

Win, win, win. = 10/10 trend 

Dalgona Coffee or Whipped Coffee – 7/10

Dalgona coffee (or commonly known as ‘whipped coffee’) is made by whisking and whipping up equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water until it becomes creamy then adding a bit of cold water. It creates this otherworldly whipped, frothy coffee cream concoction which is SO yummy. 

This was going to be rated a 6/10 because as good as whipped coffee is, it’s quite a faff to make on the daily so it’s not actually that great. BUT. That being said, it’s been discovered on TikTok that you can make a large batch of it and then freeze it. So 7/10 it is. 


yes i hand whisked this whipped coffee for like 20 mins bc my mommy wanted to try it 👻 she loved it!! (달고나 커피) #korean #fyp #aesthetic

♬ Put your head on my shoulder cover by karlo – karlogutierrez

Edible Cookie Dough – 9/10

The name is pretty self explanatory: it’s cookie dough that is actually okay to eat raw. It’s every kid’s (and adult’s) dream to eat the raw mixture from the spatular without worrying about feeling ill or risking a scolding from a parent. 

9/10 – It only lost a point because, as it turns out, it’s actually quite exciting to break the rules and eat normal cookie dough.

Ice Lolly Slush – 5/10

Some people have started to blend ice lollies to create their own slushes. Usually adding a bit of alcohol along the way to make it fun

I’ve given this one a 5/10 purely because I think it’s a waste of ice lollies. Twisters were a popular ice lolly chosen to succumb to a blender but I think they’re nicer untouched. A glass of smashed up Twisters sounds sickly sweet and not a very pleasant drink. I much much prefer a hard seltzer (see above) as a summer alcoholic refreshment.

Martinelli’s Apple Juice – 1/10

This is a specific brand of apple juice which came in a bottle shaped like an apple. Cute. Wait, there’s more. People recently found out that when you bite into the plastic bottle it actually sounds like you’re biting into a real apple! Crazy! 

Granted this is really cool so I had to give them one point but everything else about this trend isn’t great. It’s super bad for the environment because Martinelli’s use so much plastic for literally a gulp of apple juice. Plus, since blowing up and going viral on the internet the prices of this apple juice skyrocketed. Therefore I can only rate them 1/10. 

Pancake Cereal – 7/10

Imagine a bowl filled tiny little pancakes all cooked individually. Add some milk and…voila! Pancake cereal! The image can’t help but make you smile – it’s super cute. This trend really took off and inspired other foods to becomes cereals; you might have seen cookie cereal or doughnut cereal. 

Points for given for creativity. Points given for inspiring other trends. Points given for taste. Points lost for inconvenience to make. – 7/10

Pink Hooch – 11/10

Hooch is a sparkling lemonade with about the same alcohol percentage as a WKD. Pink Hooch is the pink lemonade version – it has raspberry flavouring and is a gorgeous colour. It was released in the UK back in March to hop on the trend of having pink drinks but it’s truly iconic on its own. 

It’s very aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great summer drink. I’d say it’s better than original hooch. Also you can get 3 for £5 at Weatherspoons. No faults – 11/10!

Table Nachos – 6/10

People have started to swap crockery for…well…nothing! Cover the table in nachos and dig in. This is exciting and it’s switching it up from the norm which I really rate. Plus bonus points have been given out for less washing up. 

However, I’m keeping table nachos at a 6/10 mainly because I’m quite hesitant. Something about eating off the table seems wrong and unhygienic. Also it makes portion control impossible so points have been deducted because of the dangerously high risk of eating an entire table’s worth of nachos. 

Wrap Pizzas – 2/10

I’m wrapping this up with wrap pizzas. People have been using tortilla wraps as a pizza base. I don’t get it. Real pizza dough is very easy to make and much much nicer. A wrap pizza is not a pizza its a wrap covered in some toppings. Check yourselves. 

The reason I’m giving pizza wraps any points at all is because anything with melted cheese on is quite nice – 2/10. 

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