Go to Work on an Egg

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Disclaimer: this article is 2% egg jokes and 98% invaluable tips. 

To some breakfast is crucial, it sets you up for the day ahead but for others, it’s not worth missing precious sleep over. One thing’s for sure, Brits have turned their stiff upper lip towards the breakfast table with people rarely changing their morning meal. I mean think about it, you’re way more willing to try a new recipe for dinner rather than when you have to rush off to work. This means that experimentation doesn’t really have a seat at the breakfast table. 

This is about to change. 

In a recent survey eggs were Britain’s favourite food to eat in the morning, however, people rarely changed how they ate their eggs and what with. There is more to eggs that just fried sunny side up, plain poached and basic scrambled. 

You don’t have to stop having your favourite style of eggs but why not jazz them up a  little. 

Why Eggs?

Before I can persuade you to mix up your morning eggs lets talk about why they’re an eggcellent food. (Sorry). 

Nutritionally, they’re great for you! Eggs are full of amino acids so they’re a great source of protein. Having a decent dose of high quality protein (full of all essential amino acids) helps stabilise our blood sugar levels and gives the body a good structure to start the day on. 

Also, eggs are relatively inexpensive especially compared to other sources of protein such as red meat. 

Make Your Breakfast Egg-Stra Good

So you want to eat eggs for breakfast or want make your current morning meals more exciting. This is the fun part. Here are our favourite things to change your egg game. 

The nation’s favourite is the fried egg with 23% of Brits eating their eggs this way. So  to give in to popular demand and blatantly try to win over the masses: here are some great things to make a fried egg even better. 


For those who haven’t lived Kimchi is a Korean staple. It’s a side dish of fermented vegetables usually seasoned with a variety of mouth watering flavours such as gochugaru, spring onions, garlic, ginger, and jeotga. 

Kimchi is really quite cheap and packs so much flavour so you’re really getting a bang for your buck. 

Vadasz make an incredible fermented kimchi and even recommend having it in a breakfast bap. So next time you’re having a fried egg sarnie maybe add some kimchi and enjoy an elite breakfast. 

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Truffle Salt 

Turning the fancy dial up a little with this next ingredient: truffle salt. As any normal person does, you add salt and pepper to your eggs. Next time, try truffle salt. 

Don’t let your bank account weep yet! It’s not too spenny. Definitely not extortionate. You can actually get a pot for £7.95. Now that is quite a lot for salt but this is no ordinary salt. It has these aromatic truffle undertones that can give your plain eggs so much depth.

Top tip: this works great sprinkled on a fried egg or with some scrambled egg and salmon but it truly put a soft boiled egg (runny egg) in another league. 


If you don’t like cumin you probably won’t like cumin in your morning eggs. But if you do…

All I can say is try it. Add a little cumin to some scrambled eggs and – I pinky promise – you’ll never go back. Nervous? Have a look at this recipe to help you through your first time. 


You can make it at home or buy a jar, either way pesto isn’t just for pasta. A little dollop can go a long way and give your egg so much more flavour. 

This article is all about trying new things and giving your morning breakfast some pizazz. It also should showing you that eggs – especially a fried egg – is a blank canvas that has SO much potential. 


Piri Piri Sauce

Craving a Nandos? Or do you love a little heat? Having Piri Piri sauce with your eggs will no doubt kickstart your morning. 

If you think Piri Piri sauce should be reserved for chicken at lunch and dinner then you are very much mistaken. Huevos rancheros are an age old and very popular Mexican scrambled egg breakfast.

P.S. the Nandos at Heathrow Airport serves breakfast now so Piri Piri in the morning is officially okay. 

Learn how to make your own banging Piri Piri sauce here!

Avocado Hollandaise 

We love hollandaise sauce with Eggs Bennedict and Eggs Royale. And we love a poached egg on avocado toast. This is both. 

It’s your traditional hollandaise sauce but the creamy avocado blends and melds very nicely. 

Don’t be chicken. Make it! Try it!

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