Climbing Out of Your Food Rut

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An escape map out of routine food

When you eat out (remember those pre-lockdown meals) do you always end up ordering the same depressingly average dishes? Are you always eating the same weekday meals? Yes you’re bored of those routine weekday dinners but, after a long day, its so tiring to cook something that would make Gordon Ramsey weak at the knees. So you eat the same meals again and again. You get excited for a takeaway at the weekend. But again, you always order the same thing. 

Did you guiltily nod along to that? Sounds like someone is in a food rut. This is an easy guide to push you out of your food comfort zones and to tantalise those tired tastebuds. Lets escape a dull food routine, stop eating the same basic meals and get excited about food again!

You don’t have to cook extravagant dishes in order to mix things up and push the boat out. Nor do you have to break the bank by using pricy ingredients to make things fancier. Here are a few products to add to your meals to get you eating differently and to push the average weekday dinner into a whole new dimension. 


Vadasz create these insane pickles and ferments which you can literally pair with EVERYTHING to wake up your palette. For inspiration here is their fresh pickled red onion in a cold brine generously scattered across tacos. I hope your mouth is watering. 

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This is all about expanding your normal, daily meals. Making your everyday food not so everyday. For example, take ‘the veggie breakfast roll of dreams’, you can easily fluff up a sad sausage bap with some kimchi and sesame mayonnaise and suddenly you have an exciting breakfast. So next time you wake up craving a sarnie: add a some more flavour.

Morning Changes:

While on the topic of breakfast, I cannot recommend enough having hummus with your breakfast. Now this may seem rogue but try it! Try a bagel – or any bread of your choice – with a generous slathering of hummus (don’t be shy) topped with an egg cooked however you fancy (I’m team poached). TRUST me when I say its delightful and so so much nicer than a bowl of soggy Shreddies. 

You can make hummus yourself its super easy but if you don’t have time, or would rather relax and binge Netflix I’ve got you covered! ChicP is an awesome brand that makes gorgeous dips from surplus vegetables. They’re good for you and the environment. How wholesome! Now you have even more reasons to feel good about yourself. 🙂

Roast Revelations:

Picture this. You had your Sunday roast, now it’s Monday morning and there’s an annoying amount of leftovers. Rather than scraping it into a sad sandwich why not use shredding claws to rip apart your chicken or pork. From there the world is your oyster, you can make SO many mouth watering meals by incorporating pulled meat: quesadillas, fried rice or an elite salad. This cheap, handy gadget can force you into making new choices with your normal meals!

Mezze Madness

The finale of this guide is a trio newly released mezze by Unearthed. The three delicious Middle Eastern inspired mezze will enhance ANY meal. 


  • Chargrilled red & yellow peppers in a red el Hanout dressing tipped with pine nuts and golden raisins.
  • Whipped goats cheese with roasted butternut squash and chickpeas in a preserved in a lemon dressing topped with pumpkin seeds
  • Roasted aubergine and tomato topped with North African inspired spiced tomatoes & Dukkah 

So, if you incorporate all or even one of these changes into your everyday meals then you can break free from your food routine. Hopefully these products can revive you, excite you and give your food a breath of fresh air. From there you can be inspired to try new recipes, play with different flavours and ingredients. Don’t stick to what you know, don’t stick to stuff that’s ‘okay’.

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