9 Stocking Fillers For Your Favourite Foodie

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We all run out of present ideas eventually, even when it’s for our closest loved ones. Here are some stocking fillers that are great for foodies.


Boomf is a company that prints your photos onto various gifts. Personalised cards are pretty common these days but not photo – marshmallows and chocolate bars.. I’ve actually ordered both of these for people and IT IS SO COOL. You just upload cute photos from your phone, pay and they’ll deliver you a bunch of marshmallows/choccy bars with those photos on. The image is actually really clear and delicious. YUM! 

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

If you aren’t including a chocolate orange in your stockings already then you aren’t doing it right. It’s such a tradition to have an orange in the stocking of someone on the nice list but it’s x10 better if it’s a chocolate one!

Hot Sauce Discovery Box

If you know someone who loves their spice then they should check out this hot sauce discovery box. You’ve got four super rogue flavours: scotch bonnet, preserved lemon (both great with grilled meat and veg) then there’s a chocolate BBQ which – no surprise here – will give your barbecue some much needed depth but also it goes great with tomatoey dishes. Finally, the smoked sriracha hot sauce …. well I genuinely think it can go on anything.

Personalised Ketchup Bottle 

We all know someone who is just a bit too obsessed with tomato ketchup. Why not lean into their Tommy K addiction and get them a personalised bottle of ketchup. I’ve actually given this as a birthday present before and it went down a treat: it’s hilarious but not a complete waste. It’s super easy to order a personalised label and then just buy your Ketchup from your closest supermarket. If they don’t like ketchup expand into other condiments!

‘Jikoni’ by Ravinder Bhogal

The dishes in this book are WILD. There’s an eclectic but refreshing mix of flavours and cuisines. Not sure what we mean by that? Well there’s piña colada pancakes on the cards. Other insane recipes include  kimchi parathas and Scotch eggs with banana ketchup. Rogue! Take a sneak peak at a page of the cookbook here:

Tamarind and Maple Bacon with Fenugreek Waffles and Apple Slaw Recipe from ‘Jikoni’

‘Restore’ by Gizzi Erskine

This masterpiece is one of 2020’s top cookbooks and is great for any conscientious foodie. Erskine discusses the very real and current problems surrounding the way we farm, cook, eat and shop. It’s an important read in the current climate and will open your eyes even wider. Don’t be put off, this isn’t some happy-clappy, vegan, tree-hugging book – the recipes you’re given are fun and creative. Think korma chicken wings, monkfish kievs, and even marmite and onion stew served with cheese scones. Love it or hate it – that’s up to you to find out!

Truffle Salt

Upgrade your mineral game. Everyone takes salt and pepper for granted but they can actually be such a game changer when you focus on your seasoning. Truffle salt gives your meal that delicious truffle tang without breaking your wallet. In particular, I recommend having it with eggs it will SIGNIFICANTLY elevate your breakfast / brunch. Plus involving truffle in your home-cooked meals just makes you feel super fancy too. Win freaking win! Fancy the idea of getting fancy with your minerals then get some truffle salt here

Smoked Salt 

Sticking to the salt theme (I promise I’ll stop soon, don’t be salty) a smokey salt can also really change up your food game. Smoked salt – like anything else that’s smoked – has got an aromatic rich smokey flavour that can give your food some incredible undertones. The flavour composition can really vary depending on the type of wood. Check out this super useful resource to find the smoked salt of your dreams. TRUST me, your tastebuds will thank you!

Truffle Honey 

Truffle this truffle that. Let’s make your day a little bit sweeter: truffle honey. According to the website “the aromas of truffle honey go particularly well with ricotta and blue cheeses… it’s also delicious drizzled over grilled meats”. To me it sounds like the perfect way to jazz up your Christmas cheeses. 

I hope these ideas were helpful and gave your some stocking fillers. If these haven’t tickled your fancy you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks eh?. Or, a thoughtful thing to do is find out their fave sweet and give them a whole bag of that particular flavour – so if they just LOVE a red starburst, make a bag of only red ones!

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