5 Brunch Ideas That Will Make You Weak at the Knees

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We’ve all woken up – often after one too many drinks the night before – with some serious cravings. Here are have five mouth watering ideas to curb that hunger. 

Kelly Bailey from Misfits missing out on brunch

Sometimes something light and healthy just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need something that packs a punch. Something with real flavour. Something that’s seductive and utterly irresistible.

Something that makes you weak at the knees.

There’s a reason restaurants and cafes make a killing at brunch. Waking up late on the weekend and meeting friends to share some great food and great memories from the night before is one of life’s regular joys.

But you don’t always have to go out to get your brunch kicks – you can create your own mid-morning masterpiece in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Just expect your friends to be hitting you up every Sunday morning or suddenly needing to crash at yours every Saturday night. 

Unsure how to delve in? Here’s a few ideas to whet your appetite and spark your imagination at brunch time.     

French Toast Bacon Butties

A sweet and salty sensation, this indulgent sarnie will tease your tastebuds. Be warned though – after this a regular bacon bap won’t be the same.

Fun fact: the French had nothing to do with French toast – we should be thanking the Romans instead. Still, when you give this classic “French” favourite an English makeover, the results are outrageously tasty.

It’s super easy to make – fry up a couple of strips of back bacon, dip the bread in a mix of whisked egg and sugar then fry until golden brown. From there add your juicy fillings and for those with a sweet tooth, drizzle with maple syrup. 

The sweetness of the syrup, the rich saltiness of the bacon and the crisp eggy bread create an explosion of flavours that’ll immediately have you making more. 

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Huevos Rancheros

Why not turn Mexican night into Mexican brunch? A staple of Mexican cuisine, huevos rancheros (farmer’s eggs) make for a mean alternative to a standard fry-up. Fresh and filling with an extra zing, there’s no wonder they’re so popular across the pond. 

Traditionally served to Mexican farmers, huevos rancheros now come in many different varieties but the basis is still the same: corn tortillas, eggs, refried beans, queso fresco (Mexican cheese), chilli powder, coriander, and salsa.  

Nowadays, foodies are playing with the ingredients adding everything from avocado and sweet potato to feta and chickpeas, and serving los huevos rancheros in a sandwich, a casserole or even mixed in with nachos for a Mexican medley brunch.

Throw in a shot of tequila and call the rest of the day off!

American-Style Blueberry Pancakes

Best friend to the blueberry muffin, I don’t think there are two words that are quite as enticing as ‘blueberry’ and ‘pancakes’. These bad boys are so satisfying they can put colour into any dreary morning, or make the sunshine even brighter on a summer day. A blueberry pancake for brunch takes some beating.

When you make them the traditional American way – light, fluffy and generously coated in maple syrup – blueberry pancakes are the perfect pre-lunch pick-me-up. Blueberry season begins in June and runs right through until September, so take advantage of this superfood and antioxidant this summer. 

Pancakes are quick to make, easy to get right but hard to master. That’s what makes them so fun to make on a regular basis – each time you make them, you edge ever closer to pancake perfection. 

Before long, you’ll be serving up killer pancakes that’ll be gone in seconds.

Breakfast Burrito

Ok, so it’s called a breakfast burrito but when it comes to a hearty brunch that’s big on flavour this is a strong competitor. What makes this brunch idea really interesting is that it’s completely flexible – use your imagination to create your ideal burrito, just be careful not to overfill your wrap. 

Scramble some egg, throw in some sausage, add avocado, salsa and queso fresco for a wicked hangover brunch. Or, keep it light and mix cherry tomatoes, kale, chipotle paste and avocado for a supremely tasty and nutritious breakfast burrito.

Top tip = wrap everything up first, then gently fry your burritos on each side. This will allow the flavours to fuse and – if you’re throwing it into the mix – the cheese to melt ever so slightly.

Eggs Royale

A cheeky twist to a brunch menu classic, Eggs Royale replaces the Benedictine bacon or ham with luscious layers of thinly sliced smoked salmon, for extra decadence.  

The key ingredients that make up an Eggs Benedict are still there – the toasted English muffins, the creamy hollandaise sauce, the perfectly poached eggs – but the rich, salty taste of the smoked salmon really takes things to another level.

Put a plate of Eggs Royale in front of just about anyone at brunch time and watch them grin from ear to ear. It really is an ultimate crowd-pleaser. And for those who say they don’t like salmon – if there’s a dish to convert them, this is it!

It’s also lightning quick – 10 minutes tops – and super easy to make. Here’s a rundown: poach some eggs on a gentle boil, whizz up your hollandaise sauce with a pinch of cayenne, a dash of mustard and a squeeze of lemon and toast those muffins. 

Picture it now, you’ve woken up on a weekend morning with a fierce appetite and you dive into a gorgeous brunch made up of a toasted muffin, a layer of smoked salmon, a runny poached egg, smoky hollandaise and a sprinkle of fresh herbs. 


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