10 London Foodie Instagram Accounts You HAVE to Follow

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As we begin to move past the drama of COVID only one thing has been on my mind: What places can I hit up ASAP for that sweet foodie relief? 

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend tonnes of time looking at sexy food on your social feeds. 

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to curate a list of MUST-FOLLOW London foodies on insta to get your inspiration levels up and ready for a good munch. 

10 of London’s finest

#1 – @KS_ate_here 

All round nice guy with immense knowledge of the BEST places to eat across the capitol. 

KS favours foods that glisten, ooze and drip deliciousness. 

One of the things I absolutely adore about KS’ Insta feed are his recipe stories. KS will take complex, restaurant quality dishes and show you how easy it is to make them at home. Lush life. 

#2 – @Londonfoodboy

I adore Patrick, aka Londonfoodboy’s crisp and clean pics. This feed is all about presenting food as art (which it so obviously is). 

Most foodies I know go for the gooey, messy, dirty but delicious vibe. This feed is the exact opposite and I love it. Classy, stunning, mouthwatering pics that make me want to get out the house and into a restaurant ASAP. 

#3 – @Robson.eats 

David Robson is a foodie, photographer, videographer and coffee lover all rolled into one! His feed is all about capturing the action of a proper feast. Lots of overhead shots of stunningly arranged food.

Robson’s stories are really engaging and super fun. With slightly less followers than some of the bigger names in the London foodie scene, Robson is one to keep an eye out for. 

#4 – @Jamesbrooksco 

James is a social content creator first and foremost. 

My favourite thing about Jame’s feed is his emphasis on incredible products with incredible stories. James is clearly a fan of the perfect ingredients. 

If you’re into shots of home cooked food done right, inspiring product shots and the occasional video (often in slo mo and guaranteed to make you salivate) then @Jamesbrooksco is definitely worth the follow. 

#5 – @Londoneater 

Kang is a different breed of Instagrammer. He prefers not to do paid gigs, influencer jobs or ads and creates his content with simplicity as his goal. 

If you enjoy endlessly watching incredible insta stories of amazing food, @Londoneater makes some of the best content on the platform for that. 

My favourite thing about following Kang though is seeing what’s on the menu in some of London’s most sought after venues. 

#6 – @jadesarkhel 

Jade Sarkhel’s feed is a little bit different. 

She is 100% a foodie but loves to include the odd lifestyle post to shake things up. 

To be honest, the main reason she makes this list though is because she takes some of the best photos of food i’ve ever seen. Back in 2018, she was recognised for this picking up the award for Best Food Photographer of 2018! 

#7 – @Londongastroboy 

I could scroll for days through London Gastro Boy’s content. 

Here, it’s all about the fun of food. Loads of playful shots full of colour. 

If you’re into aesthetic feeds that pop, this is the account to follow. 

#8 – @Tomcenci 

One of my favourite things about Tom’s feed is his humble and honest approach to tackling mental health, particularly amongst chefs. 

Tom takes spectacular photos and his content is consistently inspiring me to make new dishes or visit new places. 

#9 – @Eastlondonmornings 

Katya Katkova’s instagram feed is an absolute masterpiece. Pure vibes. 

One of my favourite things about Katya’s content is that it’s so diverse but with tonnes of aesthetic consistency. 

Few Instagrammers nail multiple niche’s in one account but Katya is different. 

Great food with tonnes of art and lifestyle to boot. Well worth the follow. 

#10 – @foodslut 

Celebrity, Comedian and all round lad, Jack Whitehall is one third of the brains behind this incredible account. 

If you like your burgers dirty and your food served ugly delicious style, this is the feed of your dreams. 

If you like what you see on the feed, head over to their link tree and check out their amazing DIY burger kits, oh my goodness! 

Feeling hungry? 

I hope this has got you in the mood to smash some seriously sexy food. 

Make sure you follow these incredible foodies to ensure you’re on top of the London food scene. This list will become your first point of reference whenever you decide to go out to eat – you have been warned!

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