10 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Seriously Up Your Game in 2021

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2020 has to be the year of the home cook. 

With more of us in the home for more time than ever before thanks to the global pandemic and rise in digital nomadism, now’s the time to experiment in the kitchen. 

I love seeing new innovations and from scratch projects scattered across my social feeds and have sunk countless hours into some of my own, “lock-down projects”. 

I’ve cultivated a sourdough starter, made my own mozzarella and brewed enough alcohol to keep me tipsy for life. 

I thought it would be a good idea to turn my keyboard to some of those must have gadgets that have blown my mind this year. 

This is not an affiliate marketing gimmick, none of these companies have come to me for representation. This is entirely my opinion. 

#1 – Meater + 

Oh my gosh you need to see this thing in action. 

Essentially, this is for anyone who wants to master perfect timing with meat. It’s ideal for those of us obsessed with outdoor cooking but works perfectly well in an oven too. 

Essentially, it’s a wireless probe that measures internal temp and ambient cooking temp. This device really kicks ass though because it syncs with an app on your smartphone. It removes 100% of the guesswork from cooking and produces incredible results each time. 

Top tip, watch out for flash sales and giveaways. Meater’s social media game is strong and there’s lots of opportunities to purchase one at a reduced rate. 

#2 – Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 

For me, the perfect kitchen gadget is something that can fit well into my current set-up, has multiple uses and will get used regularly. 

The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus really is that sort of gadget. It’s like having 10 incredible kitchen hack gadgets in one. If you want to sous vide, the Instant Pot has you covered, if you fancy a low and slow brisket the Instant Pot can handle it. To be honest, I could spend a whole article just listing the things you can do with this bad boy. 

The Duo Evo Plus definitely boasts the sexiest interface of all the instant pot options on the market and sits at a decent price point to boot. 

#3 – Clean Dream Sponge Holder 

I take it back! Sometimes I literally buy a gadget because it looks amazing. 

This is one of those gadgets. If anything, it makes washing up less practical and adds time rather than saving it. But, just look at it. It’s so damn cute. 

Doing the dishes isn’t exactly a fun activity, with this gadget even the dishes become a grammable moment! 

#4 – Kilner Butter Churner 

Like I said in the intro, little made-from-scratch projects have been a total staple of my lockdown experience. I saw a video on fb the other day of one of my favourite foodies making butter from scratch at home. It instantly became my next project on my to-do list. 

There’s a lot of options on the market. Some of them, to be honest, will yield better results than the kilner product. For me though, the Kilner aesthetic goes so well in my kitchen and this gadget has a countertop vibe rather than buried in the cupboard. 

Making butter is as simple as it comes. Churn cream, get butter. That’s why this is a must-own gadget. 

#5 – Excalibur Dehydrator 

Continuing with the make-from-scratch theme, I was so inspired the other day when I saw someone using a dehydrator to make their own dried herbs and spices. 

There’s nothing more exciting than a spice rack, full to the brim of jars and bottles of herbs and spices you’ve made from scratch. The beautiful reality is, it’s actually really easy to make your own herbs and spices. Choose your raw ingredient, dry it out and grind it into a powder. 

That’s why a good quality dehydrator is a serious level-up for your kitchen. Not to mention, you can use it to make jerky, dried fruit and loads more. 

#6 – Classy Ice Ball Maker 

This article is fundamentally about levelling up your kitchen game. 

This gadget perfectly sits in that category. It’s excessive and not cheap but, it is 100% worth it. 

Using the thermal conductive properties of Aluminium, this device will take any old chunk of ice and convert it into a perfectly round, crystal clear ball of ice. Perfect for a good cocktail or just as a way to pimp out your lemonade!  

#7 – Hario Syphon Filter Coffee Maker

There are quicker, more effective and cheaper ways to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The sad reality is though, they won’t make you feel like Walter White. That’s where the Syphon comes in. 

Making the ritual of brewing a cup of coffee infinitely more enjoyable, the Hario Syphon is an awesome gadget. It looks so good too. 

I guarantee you will never get bored of brewing coffee this way, it’s so much fun to use. 

#8 – Good Quality Kettle BBQ

Not only is a kettle bbq an absolutely iconic design but, it’s also a game changer if all you’ve ever used is a cheap bbq or even a disposable. 

A good, decent sized kettle will allow you to play with charcoal arrangements and cooking styles. This will start you off on your journey cooking food in its most primitive form: Ingredients and fire. 

#9 – A decent Mandoline 

Once you get used to a good mandoline, you will not go back. 

This gadget takes up fairly minimal space and will speed up your prep time dramatically. 

If you’re looking to take the tedious task of prepping, dicing, slicing and chopping down to a minimal then a mandoline is essential. 

Shop around and you’ll find a decent quality one for under £30. I’d suggest going for a more expensive one simply for the piece of mind of having better quality materials to work with. 

Fair warning, these gadgets take a bit of getting used to before you get perfect results but the practice is so worth it in the end. 

#10 – Brewing Gear 

Not much beats brewing your own alcohol from scratch. 

It’s actually surprisingly simple too. Using a bucket, demijohn some honey and water I brewed some stunning mead recently that tastes 1000 times better than anything I’ve ever bought from the shops. 

I’d highly recommend shopping around for a starter set and then you can have fun playing around with the subtle art of fermentation.

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